I have been very tired and sleepy the past week owing to that I started off the week with minimal sleep and sitting in faux coffee houses (think: Starbucks) guzzling endless amounts of syrup-y coffee while doing work. The sleep debt is slowly paying off. No more coffee (not even faux coffee) for me. Ever. Again.

I am so inspired by people around me. My Aunty Karen with whom we had lunch with yesterday (together with Uncle Mike) was telling us about how busy she has been lately juggling too many things at work and without a word of complaint, just shrugged and said it isn’t about the promotion, I’m not doing this to let people know I’m productive, it’s more of a responsibility — if I have to do it, no matter what it is, I should just deliver. She and Uncle Mike are such an inspiration to me. If ever I get into a relationship, I definitely want it to be like my parents’ or like Uncle Mike and Aunty Karen’s. They are so perfect together and without them having to showcase any public display of affection, you can tell that they’re soulmates and best friends. I love that.

PhD wise, I’ve introduced a new angle into my writing. I hope it works out. I’ve one week til I print my chapters out and show them to my supervisors. I am going to focus and make this a super good piece of work. Guess this week is going to be all about discipline, focus and positivity.

My sister bought me a lot of chocolate. A LOT OF CHOCOLATE. So if anyone needs chocolate, I’m the person to look for. Guess other than 85% Lindt noir, I won’t be needing chocolates for another year. We went to One Mont Kiara yesterday and I bought avocados (my favourite!) and grapefruit AND …… unsweetened, no lactose, no sugar almond milk as well as a coconut+almond blend. I’m gonna use them to make my mum and I morning spinach smoothies. Will have to use bananas as a sweetener because despite being a great substitute for dairy milk, it tastes like almond-flavoured water.