1. Make amendments in the CDA paper. Ask Dr. David to edit it. Submit to journal.
  2. Complete skopostheorie paper (10% done)
  3. Finalize Chapters 1, 2 and 3 of dissertation (30%done)
  4. Secondary stigma proposal (DONE)

18 days to go!

On top of that I’ve to

  1. Get/sew a journal for 2013 (yes, I kettle-stitch books!)
  2. Send in my internship letter and plan my work schedule around it
  3. Get a hair cut
  4. Put up ads for a new boyfriend (kidding! Single life is SO amazing)

My mum goes through her final chemo session this coming Wednesday (coincides with my Language Acquisition test) so we’ll be busy on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (blood test, CT scan, bone scan, test results, consultation with the oncologist, etc. etc.) so I’ve cancelled all classes with my students. Will have to spend the weekend cooking and freezing meals for the week that follows. Except for the cute Christmas sock Bible my best friend gave me a month ago which I hang on my board and Christmas gifts being dropped off at my house, nothing else feels festive-like. Days, weeks, months revolve around how mum is progressing and of course and deadlines deadlines deadlines. Not having Chistmas doesn’t bother me though because my sister Danielle and I are going to make up for it by having a great birthday on the first week of January (yes, we share a birthday!). We’re going to bake a cake, ice it, and split the decorating into half (she gets the left half and I get the right half. She’s probably gonna decorate it with hearts and I’m going to decorate it with dragons and swords). We’ll spend our birthday eating cake and going ice-skating. Every year, I get the same gift and every year I’m more and more thankful for it. Danielle’s my best and favourite(est) birthday present ever. If not for her, there’s no way I’ll be carting myself to cardio workouts and strength training at her gym. She doesn’t allow me to be wimpy and she’s always there to egg me on. I can’t wait for her to grow up so I can teach her to slay dragons.