I bought Scrivener today! To many people, this may not be a big deal but to me, it is. For two reasons, namely : 1. This is my first time ever buying a software. Legally. No crack code included. Not from any software student. Actually whipping out my card and carefully knocking out secret numbers in an effort to make an online purchase for a virtual thing. This is something I don’t do everyday. In fact, something I’ve probably NEVER DONE. 2. It’s scrivener! Oh how I love writing on scrivener!

I’m looking forward to many many more writing projects done using Scrivener and I used Christmastime + my first-week-of-January birthday as an excuse to nip it. No regrets!

If you’re interested, do google Literature and Latte to either get a trial version or buy yourself a super-worth-every-penny virtual manuscript paper.