My sister used to date a musician who made her countless mixtapes of pumped workout music, evening music, bedtime tracks etc. I adore mixtapes and I’m thinking of making a few. Here’s a sample of songs I listen to when I wanna work/relax :

Paolo Conte who was also featured in one of my favourite movies 5×2

Diane Birch because she reminds me of Olivia Newton John & Carly Simon

the English- and Portuguese-speaking Beirut

Max Raabe who lets me vicariously live through Guy de Maupassant’s stories (think: pearls, dance balls, pretty shoes and authentic ladies/gentlemen)

Madredeus who sadly, disbanded some years ago

Rui Veloso it’s all in the lyrics

Tchaikovsky but only the ballets because the piano pieces are such a distraction. I end up humming to them and having my fingers playing along

Imogen Heap — this song in particular is my favourite because it was featured in the English version of Jeux d’Enfants 

Ingrid Michaelson 

the legendary Edith Piaf 

Matisyahu both pop and reggae 

panic! at the disco and 3oh3 — okay, I know this one’s far out but I love theatrics, pumped up music  and the amazing lyrics . I do however have reservations about how they’re dressed/portrayed