What is your typical response when people ask you “How was your day?”

Do you say “Great!” “Super awesome.” “Not bad” “AWFUL!!” “Cringe-worthy” “Wasted” ?

A lot of people, whether we realize it or not, tend to ‘evaluate’ their day. I realize that I tend to think or say out loud “Oh my day has been *insert relevant adjective*”. Sometimes I do it in the middle of the day, other times before I go to bed or as the day is closing in. My mum does that too. Sometimes I hear her say “What a great day today has been” or “I wish such and such didn’t happen. It really brought my day down.” My best friend and I do this subconscious tracking thing where we tell each other what we’ve done during the day and how it fared — somewhat like an evaluation if you look at it from outside the conversation.

I have this quirky belief that days add up to life in total. Not that it’s entirely untrue, is it? But definitely not in the crazy every-single-day-counts-so-even-if-I’m-sick-I’m-gonna-push-through-and-work-my-neurons-dry way. Every day should be a day that counts for something. It could be a productive workday OR a productive play day OR a productive help-someone day. So whether I’ve churned out a good deal of work OR spent the day at the hospital with my mum OR sat in bed reading and eating cotton candy, I would still give myself a pat on the back and a thumbs up.

I’ve also started to make mental notes on what makes and breaks my day. These things, for example, perk my day up :

  • having my usual celery+apple+carrot+spinach juice in the morning,
  • going to the gym for tabata or weights,
  • working on my papers/thesis,
  • using olive exfoliator (weird, I know!)
  • having chocolate with green tea
  • reading something positive
  • doing something fun like watching a movie, reading, going out for a walk, getting coffee with my mum and Danielle
  • getting enough rest and time to breathe
  • helping someone
  • having my workspace clean and organized

These other things are some things that absolutely pull the thread from off my socks :

  • not working for days at end
  • rushing
  • not eating right
  • when it’s emotionally/physically/mentally draining
  • too many days of too much fun (true!)
  • sleeping for less than 5 hours

Knowing what MAKES my day AWESOME helps me realize what’s gonna build me up in the long run and what isn’t going to help me function well. Naturally, I try to stick with doing the things that work for me to stay happy and perked. Sure, there are external factors like impossible deadlines, last minute appointment cancellations, people, unforeseen circumstances, rainy days etc etc BUT unfortunately, they are out of my control and I acknowledge that, rant about it sometimes but I get over it quickly. I’m also not going to be all hard up on doing those things that work for me so that they become a ritual — I try to do them, I try not to do those things that make my day unhappy, but no military regime here. If I have the time and space to write poetry, I do it. If I’ve a deadline to meet, everything else takes a backseat. If people I love need me to be there, I’m going to drop everything (including work and organic green juices) and bring them love and comfort.

To making each and every day count! *clink*