Some days you just wanna tear up and throw away.

The weekend and the spill over into the actual week so far has felt that way on so many levels for many people, myself included. On my part, it’s been an overkill of anxiety, frustration and exhaustion for the following reasons –

1. I’ve been severely sleep deprived and caffeine overdosed which resulted in hiccup-y sleep cycles and enormous amounts of cake baking and chocolate chunk making. My sister took a picture of me to prove that my eye bags are the size of garbage bags and my skin has turned an ashen gray. I’m starting to believe in zombies.
2. The 13th general elections and the sordid nitty gritty that ensued.
3. Work not falling in place.
4. People. Which is a given. I’m not perfect and I’m not being parsimonious with grace when I say some people don’t just get on my nerves. They get on my nerves and then they fray it to bits and use the loose ends to barbecue marshmallows over a bonfire of absurd matters. For example, giving me a guilt trip so I do them a favour that’s over 10,000 words long or wasting my time in some way or another. I get that I should be patient. And I really should be without a doubt. But then again, it must be the zombified part of my brain taking this a whooping 2 or 3 notches more seriously than it actually should be. 
5. It’s also the stress from transitioning into many “new” places in my life right now. 

I … would like to just cancel the rest of the week, get under the comforters and sleep a cyclopean amount of hours away, wake up refreshed and peck out my work on my trusty laptop. My week, however, is filled with un-delay-able things to do which involves many other people and I don’t want to let them down. 

I cannot wait for the week to end. I cannot wait for those random pockets of empty space between classes or things-to-do that pop out of nowhere and I get to spend a surprising one hour on something I want to get done. My joy plan is to clear the weekend out and do the following :

1. Spend 2 hours on work
2. Relax, jump on my trampoline, go for a painful jog. Swim if I make friends who have pools.
3. Meet up with a friend who’ll be in KL this month.
4. Grab my girl friend and have that long overdue chat.
5. Watch 3 super scary movies alone til I’m freaked out.
6. Sleep. A lot.

It’s only going to get better 🙂