I woke up to one of the most beautiful mornings ever. For once, I was happily cocooned in my comforter instead of finding it on the floor. The sun wasn’t shining in through the windows. It was cloudy and cool. The first thing I saw upon waking was my huge unkempt bookshelf (which to me, is as beautiful as waking up to the Swiss alps) and snug beside me was Elfie and her toy. I just can’t get over how dear Elfie is. I managed to  have a long, relaxing cold bath before sipping on green juice while going through email to find progress reports nicely filled out which makes working with these people surprisingly easy.

I expected today to be slow. I expected it to be frumpy like a fat woman eating cheese in the Givenchy number Kim Kardashian wore to the Met Gala. I expected it to be awfully sunny and unforgiving, reason being that I have been tired since the start of the week, extremely hormonal and had a long list of things to get done. Like I’m at the start of a race in which the ready-set-go was fired off 30 minutes ago. It’s an awful feeling.

I have an arduous list of things to do and am about to devour it with a lot of indefatigable passion so here’s to gaining momentum, kicking out the blues and getting things done.

Things you can do to gain momentum on International Snail-paced Days :

1. First things first. Go shower, get your juice, put your moisturiser on, phone your mum, do 2 sets of sun salutations, fill up a jug of green tea to chug on while you’re working.

2. Prioritize. List down things you have to do and number them according to importance/urgency. Get to work. Don’t attempt no. 2 before you’re done with no. 1. Don’t skip to no. 5 before you’re done with nos. 1-4. My best friend read this (and no.3) somewhere (I believe it was from a Quora post on how not to procrastinate) and it has helped me. You really should try. Text-book-ish as it may seem, it works!

3. Set the alarm clock. Give yourself a time limit to each task. Of course it has to be reasonable. So say you give yourself 2 hours for task no. 1, you’ve to ensure you finish that task within 2 hours. And work on it w/o getting distracted. Don’t answer any calls, don’t text, don’t go on FB until you’re done with the task. You can go jump on your trampoline, call your best friend, eat a ton of chips or whatever but only AFTER the task is completed.

4. If you’re feeling demotivated, listen to some good music, do 20 situps + 5 push ups, watch youtube clips of SAW and slather L’Occitane cherry blossom hand cream on your elbows, wear your favourite shirt and lower the temperature. Not necessarily in that order. If all else fails, go to a coffee place and camp out there while you work.

5. Dance. Truly. This helps me so much and helps me gain momentum like a horse. I turn on Stand By Me, move to the music, look like an absolute rooster on fire, and then feel silly and delirious all at once. It’s a mood pump 🙂

6. Don’t give up! I know you feel like getting into bed and giving up on your “slow” day but don’t!! Resist the urge. Or even if your body finds it way to the bed and lays there in a crumpled heap, get your laptop in with you and pathetically peck out your work using only your index finger.

7. REMOVE things that influence your day negatively. People who suck the joy out of you, awful music, eating too many deep-fried-chocolate-covered things, not having enough water. It takes a toll on your physique and makes your day crawl.

8. Write a huge note to yourself and paste it up 45 degrees from where you’re working so when you look up for a moment, you see the note. Mine reads “You can do it!”