I’m currently reading :

Dr Zhivago by Boris Pasternak

The Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway (1 chapter left which I am so reluctant to go through. I even came up with an idea of closing the book with a bang – finishing the final chapter with good cakes and cranberry juice + good company)

The complete collection of Short Stories by Dylan Thomas 

Sugar Street by Naguib Mahfouz

I’ve come up with a beautiful plan to avoid the emptiness that sneaks in right after I’m done with the last page of a book. Instead of reading one book, I’m reading a few books at once. That way, even if I finish one of the books, I would still be in the middle of another and I won’t be as sad from finishing the book because I’ll have the other book to focus on. Thankfully, I don’t get the plots and characters muddled up so this strategy should work a charm. And it also helps speed up “slow” ones like Sugar Street. It’s the first book I started reading from the list above but at the rate the plot is going, I’m guessing it’s the final one of the lot that I’m going to finish. But by then, I’ll have a few more fallback books on the list. 

Sneaky or what?! 😀