Lists are  my absolute go-to when I’m upset, down, panicky .. basically when I’m feeling anything negative. That as well as this pick-me-up book called “Bounce Back” which my best friend gifted me earlier this year. As I’m seated in a tea place (yup, having rose tea while trying to work and kick out the panic) and don’t have my bounceable book with me, I’m going to resort to a list of happy thoughts. Here goes ..

  1. I have bags of organic rolled oats, hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, cranberries, dates and raisins on my kitchen table which I’m gonna chop up, mix and dunk in honey to make home-made snack bars.
  2. Gabrielle Aplin’s English Rain is a beautiful compilation.
  3. I enjoy working hard.
  4. I’ve enrolled for Math class.
  5. I had my green juice in the morning even though I had to bolt out the door in 30 mins.
  6. We spend a lot of our lives sleeping and I am so fortunate to be cuddling with someone I love every single night — my mum or my little sister or Elfie or my best friend when I stay over.
  7. Comfortable bedding and pillows.
  8. I love avocados and cranberries and was surprised to find a recipe online for chicken avocado sandwiches which involved cranberries.
  9. I’m getting my car serviced.
  10. Checking my mail and finding my inbox chock-full of art for Project Artery.
  11. Speedy email/text responses from my clients and colleagues. Very important, that.
  12. Waking up to rain and a lot of wind.
  13. I have a bottle of bubbly (organic and non-alcoholic Chardonnay – yup, go figure) in my kitchen which I’ll bring to the beach to have while I read next week.
  14. My hair is curling out again. *happiness!* (long story)
  15. I want to make dorritos and salsa from scratch for the next Black Hole Theater screening.
  16. Hand-written letters in French from Fanny all the way from Paris. And she takes the time to pen out 8-10 pages of words and slips in a few photograph prints now and then when she goes on vacation.
  17. Not buying things I don’t need so that I can get more into my house fund.
  18. I am slowly but surely conquering my fears each day and getting better and better at it.
  19. I have a banana in my bag to snack on later in the day. Yum!
  20. The beach and conference next week.
  21. I’m so blessed to have my best friend accompany me next week so I don’t have to sleep alone at a strange hotel on a king size bed. Plus an adventure buddy + beach-reading buddy! 
  22. I have many primary school friends on my Facebook friends’ list. 
  23. I will spend a lot of time this week going through my poetry and editing work.
  24. My mum’s birthday is exactly 2 weeks from now. I get to eat cake and she gets to open gifts!
  25. I feel a lot better already (: