I promise to STOP ordering deliver-to-your-doorstep-fast-food even though it is such a life saver at times. I’ve had too much so that I’m craving my fruit smoothies and plain, no-meat salads. 

So much has been happening. I know I promised to lock down on my thesis til year-end and go on a well-deserved week-long reading holiday to Penang (where I’d sit at the beach evenings at end, glued to the Kindle, sipping on green juice + tea + organic non-alcoholic Chardonnay) BUT looks like the tables have been turned. I spent October doing a tv interview, performing my poetry, meeting new people, sampling really good apple crumble, getting new jobs, freaking out over the lack of time, going over faculty duties and planning out Danielle’s holiday activities. 

Come November, I will hop on a plane with my sister and foot our way through Bali/Borobudur/Surabaya, have poolside breakfasts at our cousin’s villa which is a drive away from the beautiful Bali beaches and touchdown midweek, plunging right back into work. I have a seminar to prep for, an immense amount of editing and adding-to my thesis and after that fold November away neatly with the Georgetown Literary Festival. 

December will mark the beginning of the end of my thesis *hopefully*. And Christmas. And the complete manuscript for Project Artery sent out to meet editors and publishers for the first time. And the end of the year. 

I can do this. Even if it means trudging through with green juices and a tonne of pizza. 

To the last sprint into 2014!