That’s how I’d sum up the past 5 days. Although I had one foot in and the other out of my sister’s plans to visit our cousins in East Java due to work and the cost, it all turned out so much more than I expected and left me reeling hours after we arrived home, unpacked and went about our usual routine. We visited the beautiful remains of the thalassocratic archipelagic empire Majapahit and because we were the ONLY tourists for miles (it was a hot, dust-stormy day), we took full advantage of the space. We took pictures of the statuesque artifacts, basked on the sun-baked steps of ancient monuments til we were told not to touch them, ate food that tasted so good but smelled awful, bought Steve Madden footwear, window shopped for lovely silk batik, and spent time with the cousins (watching Thor in this beautiful cinema I first thought it was a 7-star hotel, swimming for hours at end and eating Chinese food). I even made tuna-paprika pasta for breakfast and slept in (but still had eye bags. Boo.). I was a little sad to leave because the house was empty by the time we were supposed to head for the airport and I had to settle with sticking post-it notes on everyone’s room door to say goodbye and how much I was gonna miss them. Thank God for What’s App and for Christmas being a couple of weeks away.

The moment I touched down at 2010h, Wednesday night, it was back to reality. I turned on my phone and found a gazillion missed calls, all work-related. Work missed me! It’s funny because no one else outside work texted/called.Lol. I spent the night and the next day working and teaching classes and the whole of today meeting old school friends and trying to work but finishing Ruth Ozeki’s intricately plotted A Tale for the Time Being. Don’t blame me. It’s unputdownable. And super realistic. I think I spent 5 hours curled up in my mother’s bed reading with Elfie snuggled by my side. Bliss. If you’re feeling exceptionally nice today, please go like Ruth Ozeki on Facebook. I should really get started on work and lock my Kindle up in a box. Ozeki’s is the 3rd book I finished since I got the Kindle last week. Not a good thing because I should be working instead. 

So much is going on. So much is changing. I expected the year to “sprint” to an end but it isn’t. Things are fading. Some things are slipping away, others are gaining definition and life as it is, has shifted paradigms.