Among the things I collect are Bibles, dictionaries, thesaurus, grammar books and academic books in as many languages as I can find them in. I have the Bible in Greek (given to me by a good friend of my parents), French, English, Malay, Indonesian, Hebrew .. in all manner of versions and transliterations from various places I’ve travelled; I have an oak bookshelf (so strong that once I stubbed a toe on it that wouldn’t heal for a month) that literally sags under the weight of my bilingual and monolingual dictionaries and let’s not even get to the academic books. 

So … I am meaning to get my 2000++ books sorted out before the year ends. My books and my clothes too because I’m tired of dressing like someone’s aunt .. which, yes, I am (Ryan Lee’s, Aryan’s, Arianna’s, John’s, Lisa’s, Divya’s, Eu Joe and Eu Jyn’s aunt) but mainly my books. 

The plan is to sort them out by type (thesaurus or dictionary or reference etc) and have a D.I.Y bookshelf for my fiction collection. 

I also believe in delegation and because I’m pretty much tied down with work, I’m PAYING my little elf, Danielle, to do it for me. Will report on the results of my clean-up plan by the weekend. 

*fingers crossed*