My high school best friend sends me pictures of her new place in Sydney. Bright halls and white walls, lavender bunches in shelf corners, framed autumn leaves from her high school trip to Japan, white soy sauce and chia seeds on her kitchen counter, a futon in every room and multicolored Nike running shoes at the door. The letter that comes with the polaroid shots is written in bright blue ink and signed with a serious hand.

Morrey has moved in. Somewhat. He has a drawer of socks and shirts and books in my room and a toothbrush in both bathrooms (mine and the guest bathroom). We don’t see much of each other but we work in labs that face the same side of the street. I have taken to drinking coffee (tell me YOU HAVE NOT!) and microwaved mac and cheese for dinner. With wine. Red wine, chockful of tannine. When Morrey stays over he whips up a storm. We have steaks and roast. Always with a chocolate dessert. He is quite the cook. 

I imagine her laugh at the end of her letters just as she does at the end of her phone conversations. I grab a velvet-inked pen and rip two pages off my sunflower Moleskine and instantly regret it.

Tannine is good stuff. Or at least that is what I tell Nat when he worries about my dark chocolate addiction. He tries to save me from everything with even the slightest hint of caffeine in it because I bust a nerve every time I touch caffeine. I love your home and I love how much you enjoy your home with Morrey in it. How’s the park situation? Nat and I had a long nature walk Sunday morning despite my back still hurting. We spent a good deal of time gawking at pretty nature-al things and filling our lungs with O2.